Herbal Anti-Biotic

 The Herbal Anti-biotic, developed by M.Iles, Phd, CCMH, can be used as a base with most health supplement plans. 

The herbal antibiotic is made in accordance with nature, the herbs are organic and picked when the herb is its most potent. The herbal extract is made in small batches taking over six weeks to process. The herbal antibiotic is combination of herbs that cleanse the blood and help rid the body of viral, bad bacteria, and parasitic conditions. 

The overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics have created super-bugs that have developed a resistance to the most powerful drugs.  These pharmaceutical antibiotics are becoming ineffective as well as dangerous to the good bacteria in the human body and the planet.

However, in nature’s infinite wisdom there are highly effective herbs that naturally have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitical and anti-viral properties, all able to protect the human body safely and with deep natural healing powers.

What is the difference between medical antibiotics and herbal anti-biotics?  

How many of us have heard the doctor say “it’s an antibiotic-resistant infection”, this has become common in the medical world.  One antibiotic after another is tried but nothing seems to work.  What is working, is that the good bacteria in the body is being killed off, allowing the “antibiotic-resistant” strain to multiply unchecked. 

When fighting health problems herbs are the best choice.  Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which usually carry only one chemical constituent, herbs carry many.  One herb alone can carry over 120 different compounds making it extremely difficult for bad bacteria to exchange information and become resistant. This is necessary as bacteria has a built-in communication network allowing them to rapidly exchange information becoming resistant to the one or two chemical constituent pharmaceutical antibiotics. 

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