About M. Egan

Michael Egan was raised in the fortes and fifties. He served in the Marine corp and is a Vietnam Veteran. He was educated in business through Sacramento State University, and Pepperdine University. Mr Egan’s experience is in marketing management, financing/banking and product development; Like many, he has been blessed with a wonderful family and children.

Mr. Egan’s introduction to holistic health came when a loved one was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer and given six weeks to six months to live. Through this painful process he learned the true benefits of holistic health and healing.

Over the next twenty five years through working with holistic practitioners, he recognized three major factors.

  • Non genetic diseases can be prevented
  • Most health disorders such as cancers can be recovered from
  • Our greatest wealth is in accurate knowledge, healthy practices and self healing.

Mr. Egan plans to devote much of his time to alternative practices and holistic health care. He is semiretired and has created the Director of Health Holistic Site and Blog page to help educate and introduce the community to different modalities of healing.  This information will allow us to share and grow together and to incorporate a holistic way of healing.

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